Design of Management system for Smart Grids

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Zsolt Čonka


As we know that an effective way of the utilization of electricity is very important and also control at distribution as increasing demand. Admitting the fact that rooftop solar and micro wind technology have warranted the self-dependency on electricity for the consumer at least for the few hours. The centralized electricity generation notion has dissolved now and enabled the two independent generations. Therefore, the finest infusion for the combination of distribution load and distribution generation would be an ideal target in the literature. As per current production, we cannot attain the future demand. Even in present, we are compromising in the pick demand period; we are following the demand response strategy. Additionally, according to the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change CO2 reduction should be necessary for future electricity generation to avoid a rise in global warming and the risk of catastrophic climate. This paper presents the algorithm for street storage charge algorithm and street electricity supply algorithm.

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Smart Grids and Electromobility